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Age: Est 12
Color: Sable/White
Gender: Male
Status: Adopted
About Lucky17
Hi, my name is Lucky and my foster mom calls me her special snowflake. I am special needs dog as I take thyroid medicine twice daily. I am approximately 12 years old. He has age related deafness. I have cataracts and right side paralysis, which means I may need eye drops to keep my eye clean. My foster mom said that my crooked smile just gives me character. I dont like people to close doors and I will keep knocking until they let me in the room. I like to be both time with my family and time by myself, most often to catch a nap. My family often finds me napping in my foster human brothers room. The good news is that I love to ride in the car there is nothing better than having the window down and my face outside the window. Ill go for a ride with almost anyone if given the opportunity. I also love kids and my favorite place to sleep is with my foster moms youngest child. I will sleep in my bed, crate but I love to snuggle and sleep in your bed if youll let me. My foster family says Im a snuggle bug and that I am a sweet boy. I also love to be outside with my foster fir brothers and sisters in the backyard as I love to patrol and keep the squirrels away.

Health Issues
Taking medication for thyroid, suffered a broken pelvis prior to entering rescue, mild cataracts, right side facial paralysis - vet thinks this happened many years ago.

Fencing Requirements
Does Lucky17 require a fenced yard? No

Is Lucky17 housebroken? No Lucky has an occasional accident when foster parent is away from home
Walks on leash? Yes 
Comes when called? Yes 
Obedience trained? No 
Crate trained? Yes 
Rides in car? Yes 
Allows strangers to pet? Yes 
Submissive Peeing? No 
Scared of loud noises? No 
Shy? No 
Barks if alone? Unknown 
Aggressive with kids? No 


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