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Age: 6.5
Color: Tricolor
Gender: Male
Status: Available
About Ted
At six years old, handsome tricolor Ted came to TSR from a shelter where he'd been left by an owner who had too many dogs. After a thorough vetting, it was discovered that Ted has Cushing's syndrome. His cortisone level is stable on the appropriate drugs and has been checked regularly. Near the end of May, Ted will be checked again to be sure he can be anesthetized for a needed dental. He has some seasonal allergies that are manageable. Coming into rescue at 51 pounds, Ted is now weighing in at only 38! (Good boy!!) Now for Ted's personality ... Ted gets along with other dogs, although he doesn't seem to know how to play. Occasionally he will join a game of chase in the yard. He has befriended a small Sheltie in his foster home and they hang out and snooze together. Having come from a male-only home, he is drawn to men. However, Ted is very frightened of small children. He would never hurt them, but he removes himself from the situation as soon as he can and doesn't return until the "coast is clear." Ted isn't terribly barky ,except when the humans return home after he's been alone. But he does get excited at feeding time (what Sheltie doesn't?). Ted's preference of a house mate is for an adult male. He acknowledges his foster mom with an occasional friendly sniff and even a little excitement when she gets home. But he really wants to hang out with a man and be his best buddy, doing all kinds of fun things -- long walks, games, playing in the yard, tinkering in the garage etc. If you would like to apply to adopt Ted, visit https://triangleshelties.com/content/adoption/before.asp

Health Issues
Cushings syndrome (under control) and seasonal allergies

Fencing Requirements
Does Ted require a fenced yard? Yes

Is Ted housebroken? Yes he needs to be crated when alone and overnight
Walks on leash? Yes 
Comes when called? Yes Once he gets into your routine and he feels safe he's a gem.
Obedience trained? No 
Crate trained? Yes 
Rides in car? Yes 
Allows strangers to pet? No He needs to warm up to you
Submissive Peeing? No 
Scared of loud noises? Yes Chaos and loud children frighten him
Shy? No Only at first
Barks if alone? Yes He isn't a big barer but at night sometimes he barks needing a potty break and when his foster family arrives home
Aggressive with kids? No He's terrified of the loud noise and chaos created by children, he needs an adult only home without frequent visitors


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