- Canine Good Citizen
- Therapy Dog (Helping Paws)
- Agility Student

You might think I am crazy if I told you that my deaf dog ignores me. He knows hand signals that mean things like, “please come here,” or “come here,” or “come here, now!” When he doesn’t want to do what I am asking, he ignores me ... by turning his head away so he can’t see me, only to peek back every few seconds to see if I am still trying to “talk” to him.

Casper is moving up in agility classes and will soon start in the intermediate class. He loves jumps, contact obstacles and even weave poles. He can sometimes be a little intimidated by tunnels, but can be guided in with a laser pointer. Most people are surprised that he is deaf and still seems to know what obstacle to take next.

He is also a certified therapy dog through Helping Paws. His favorite place to visit is Ronald McDonald House, where there are always kids to pet him and feed him treats. The first time he went, a little boy wanted to take his leash and walk him around the house. Casper obliged and was very calm and gentle as he led the boy around on a short walk around the house.

His proficiency in agility and patience in therapy dog work is living proof that impaired dogs can do anything a normal dog can do!
(Contributed by Sherri Mains)

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