- UKC: Scusme Comin’ Through
- Canine Good Citizen
- Therapy Dog (TDI)
- Agility Student

We adopted Lorelei in June 2002 from Triangle Sheltie Rescue. We knew nothing about deaf dogs but something about her picture on the website told me I just had to have this little girl. We went to visit with Lorelei (then known as Lilac) and took her home that afternoon.

One afternoon I was playing with one of my other shelties on the agility equipment and Lorelei stared at me the whole time. I decided to take her out to just play around and she was good for a dog that had never been on equipment before so I enrolled her in a Beginners Class. The rest, as they say, is history. She is currently getting ready to compete in UKC, USDAA or NADAC events, knows 30 hand signs (and still learning) and visits Plantation Estates (a retirement community) once a month.
(Contributed by Kristi Perman)

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