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A deaf dog to his human
I don't hear you at all and can only see you out of my right eye but you see hearing is really nothing. Anyone can say they love you but the eyes and the gestures and the touch tells it all. I look to you as one looks above for guidance and you always do it with a smile no matter what I have done, yes ours is one of a special love. I know I can be a pest and I do some strange things but if you look into my eyes you will see what I see in yours. You have given me special care to train me and this has made a special bond between us that will endure and for this we are one. I never asked to come into this world but if I had to do it all over again I would be like I am because you are like you are.

From a human to his deaf dog
You don't hear my words but you see my words as I gesture to you, as you always keep your eyes on me, and for the most part you obey. You don't have to hear to love, you don't have to hear to understand, you don't have to hear to learn you just have to want these things, Yes it is a little bit harder living with a deaf dog but the rewards are much more evident in the bond we have together. No you don't have to hear I love you, it's a feeling.
(Contributed by John Perkins)

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