Rhue (Wendy)

Over the past few years TSR has gained a national reputation for working with and successfully placing deaf and vision impaired shelties. Rhue/Wendy came to TSR from an out of state sheltie rescue that had learned of the work TSR was doing with these special dogs.

Rhue is a double merle, also known as a lethal white or homozygous merle. Please take a moment to read about these special dogs. As a result of her genes Rhue is deaf. Don’t let her “disability” fool you for one second! Rhue is in every way an 11-month-old puppy! She never ceases to amaze us.

I first met Rhue at a fundraiser for TSR. It was love at first sight on my part (also the case for just about everyone who meets her). We volunteered to foster Rhue, then known as Wendy. What can I say other than we failed at fostering!

Rhue is as sharp as a tack. She is always problem solving and learns faster than any dog I’ve ever had. It took her all of five minutes to learn the dog door! She is learning hand signs for basic obedience very quickly and has the best recall of all our dogs. Her sweet and funny temperament keeps us laughing. The one word that sums up Rhue is FUN!

Thanks TSR for bringing Rhue into our lives!
(Contributed by Pam Smith)

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