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TSR is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and relies on your donations. If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution (and thank you for that!), there are two ways you can.

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November 13, 2020 Ted joined the TSR program, he was surrendered to a shelter in Eastern North Carolina. It was a windy, rainy day when the Rescue Coordinator emailed looking for Ted a spot in rescue, she kindly agreed to hold Ted overnight for the weather to pass through. The next day, I traveled to meet Ted and bring him into the TSR family. I remember getting in my vehicle and my GPS stating "Major Roadways are closed on your travel route" Hmm.. REALLY. My GPS has never advised of such an event, must be serious. I had a very nice scenic drive to my destination to meet Ted, had I not be on a mission and a time commitment, I could have perused a gazillion thrift stores I had no idea existed.

Upon arriving at my destination, I met a 51 pound (not kidding), shaved, tri colored sheltie, that was happy yet very reserved. He was overjoyed to go for a car ride and jumped right in. Things seem to be off to a good start. Upon arriving home, I quickly learned that TED was a fairly scared boy, he hid in the bushes in the back yard, he made one thing clear from the start, he LOVES MEN!!! He follows "the man" everywhere. He is content to hang in the garage and do whatever guys do in the garage. Over time he and Phoenix have decided that they can be friends and for brief period of time, play a little, lounge together when "the man" is piddling in the garage. Ted has made it very clear he holds "the man" on a pedestal, and a high one at that. He occasionally acknowledges my presence, like most shelties, he visits the bathroom to say a quick "hello", not yet sure he wants me to touch him, especially going toward his head, he wouldn't hurt me, he just leaves the situation.

We've learned a great deal about Ted since that day in November. Ted is mortified of children, he's obviously been teased by children or never around them. Only a crystal ball would know. His forever home would be one that has no children and no children visit. I know that seems like a tall request, but recently our granddaughter visited who is very dog savvy for her age, always wanting to greet the new ones with a big hug, always masters their name, always asks where did foster dog x go when she arrives, not quite understanding why they come and go and why if we visit they don't come back here, she'll catch on over time. But Ted made it clear, no hugs, clearly agitated by her presence, he drooled and refused to eat, he hid in the laundry room. I think you get the picture, kids are not his thing, not like "the man".

Ted went to visit our vet, who gave me a run down of what could be wrong and in the end he was right. Ted has Cushing's Disease. We've done quite a bit a of testing, Thyroid and Urine Cultures to MI State, a senior panel, a ACHT Stem test - which confirmed his Cushing's Diagnosis. He's about three weeks post starting medication, which isn't that expensive if you shop it and sign up for autofill. But until the medication level is stable he has to have regular blood work and urine tests to check levels, the first one has been completed and our vet was quite please, Ted is responding nicely to the Vetroly and he's lookin great, Down to 38 pounds, walking much better, his levels are great on the original dose of med, but he needs a 30 day check up and if things are going as planned we can consider having his nasty teeth cleaned (with unstable cortisol it presents a anesthesia risk, so the vet is being super cautious). He has a small growth on one of his eyelids, that doesn't rally bother him.

In less than ninety days, we've achieved a weight goal, his coat is growing in nicely, his allergies/ear infections are resolved and he still in love with "the man".

We would love to find the right forever home for Ted, one that understands his medical needs, is of the male gender, no kids, a fenced yard is a must - he is a bit of a flight risk, and a ton of love! Maybe your that person? If you're still reading that's a good sign!! Ted has been an expensive venture and will continue to have some on going medical needs, if you could help by making a donation (no amount is to small) green papers would be greatly appreciated.

Donations may be made by clicking on the Donate button on the left side of the screen, or via snail mail to PO Box 426, Youngsville, NC 27596.


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