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TSR is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and relies on your donations. If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution (and thank you for that!), there are two ways you can.

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Ladybug came into our care on April 4, 2002. She initially suffered from paralysis in her rear legs, but the vet hospital she was surrendered to treated her with steroids, and the next day she was walking. A week later, Ladybug relapsed and had to undergo overnight steroid treatment again. Nobody was sure of the cause of the paralysis.

We then took her to see Dr. Karen Munana in the neurology department of the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine on April 17. She recommended a spinal tap, myleogram and a CT scan, which was done on April 23. The results of these tests only deepened the mystery of Ladybug's problem. A slipped or swollen disc was ruled out, but some kind of fungal infection or even cancer was listed as a possible diagnosis.

On the evening of April 25, we had to take Ladybug back to the vet school because she didn't urinate at all the day before. While she was there, Dr. Kechia Davis found three lymph glands that were greatly swollen. They drew some blood and found that her BUN levels were elevated, and that there was some slowing of liver functions. Dr. Davis aspirated Ladybug's lymph glands for analysis and Ladybug spent the night there while receiving IV fluids in an attempt to re-hydrate her.

The next day, we received the news that we did not want to hear. Ladybug was been diagnosed with advanced lymphatic cancer. She was given no more than six months to live, even with treatment. Because of this diagnosis, we decided to let Ladybug pass with dignity and peace. She was put to sleep the morning of April 27, 2002.

All of us here at Triangle Sheltie Rescue have been deeply touched by the generosity of those who donated money to help get Ladybug better. In two weeks, $3,610 dollars were donated just for this special girl. We thank you all for what you have done. It was simply amazing. Words cannot describe our gratitude for your kindness.

While Ladybug was only in our home for 22 days, she quickly stole our hearts and had us wrapped around her paw. She was always a joy to be around and never had a shortage of love to give, even when she was at her lowest and couldn't move. She would try her hardest to get up just to be close to a person. She was a dream dog and would have made someone a faithful and loving pet for many years.

Someone once said that life isn't fair, and we all know that it isn't. Having a dog like Ladybug be born and taken from us so quickly is a tragedy. Cancer is non-judgmental. It doesn't take you because you're bad or don't deserve to live, it just happens. It's always unfair that it happens to the good ones, even though it's not supposed to be.

We will all miss Ladybug, but we rest easy knowing that she will be in a better place.

Go in peace, my little friend.

Special thanks to the donors of the Ladybug health Fund:
  • Abigail Stover
  • Andy Holt
  • Ann Finer
  • April Quate
  • Arthur Papayanopulos
  • Becky Eassey
  • Betty and John Scully
  • Carolyn Arsenault
  • Catherine Eifert
  • Cheryl Silva
  • Cynthia and Charles Meador
  • Debbie and Brad Fagala
  • Dee Dee Komarek
  • Denise Monnier
  • Rebel, Skye, Josh and Minkie
  • Dwain Springer
  • Dee Dee Komarek
  • Eric Banilower
  • Harriet Moskalski
  • Jane Hunt
  • Janice Mitchell
  • Janine Sisk
  • Jean Luntz and Darwin, Rob, Ceddie, and Earl
  • Jeffrey and Rose Keehr
  • Joanne O'Brien (made in loving memory of Nicholas Alexander, who passed away on April 21, 2001 at age 14.)
  • John Yaglenski
  • John and Shelia Perkins and the Wild Bunch
  • Joseph and Pat Andolina
  • Karen Harter
  • Kelley Van Vreede
  • Kent Gorton
  • Kim Oliver
  • Laura Dixon-Conley
  • Laura Stevens
  • Leanne Brown
  • Lenette Carter
  • Linda Tyson
  • Lisa Thompson
  • Loretta McKenzie
  • Louella Ericksen
  • Margaret Farrell
  • Mary-Anne Gross
  • Miles C. Belvin
  • Moreen Jacobsen
  • Nancy Ondra
  • P.J. Conger
  • Pamela Moore
  • Pat Kolonko and Mattie
  • Paula Izquierdo
  • Rebecca Russell
  • Rhonda Politsch
  • Rosemary Hurley
  • Sharon Braun
  • Shirley Reed
  • The Winrose Clan
  • Sunne Wiginton
  • Susan Klakoff
  • Susan Bailey
  • V.G. Clements
  • Yolanda Webster

Thanks also to:

  • Ann Acuff of Middle Tennessee Sheltie Rescue for kicking off the fundraising effort
  • The staff and students at the NCSU CVM, including (but not limited to): Dr. Karen Munana, Dr. Kechia Davis, Dana Griffith and Jennifer Hurley.
  • The staff at Durant Road Animal Hospital, including (but not limited to): Dr. Dana Jones, Dr. Wendy Alphin and Dr. Sara Salmen.

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on the snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumnís rain.
When you awaken in the morningís hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there, I did not die ...



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