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In Memoriam: Travis

Travis Loftin ? - November 30, 2004

I hardly know where to begin to describe our wonderful Travis and what he meant to us. He went to the Rainbow Bridge November 30, 2004 after a brave and unbelievable fight against an inoperable brain tumor.

He came to us as a foster after being found frail, covered in ticks and fleas and with a one pound tumor on his side. He had had surgery to remove the tumor when Randy brought him over. It was love at first sight in spite of the tubes sticking out of his side.

He was the sweetest dog I have ever seen and I wanted to keep him, but we already had four other dogs. I just didn't see how we could have another dog, especially one that was deaf. It didn't take long for the Travie to change my mind. He fit in so well with all my other girls, promptly falling madly in love with the Border Collie, Babe. Whatever the rest of them were doing, he was right there -- playing the Travis version of Frisbee, barking his special bark, begging for treats.

He was chosen to be in the "Top Ten" in a local TV station "Top Dog" contest! Shortly after, he became very unsteady on his feet and couldn't stand up. We prayed it was related to an ear problem and his deafness. He bounced back from that to the surprise of his vet.

For a glorious few months he seemed fairly healthy but then had a terrible seizure. A scan indicated a brain tumor. The specialist told us he would probably not wake. But he did and gave us another three and a half months of wonderful time shared with a special boy.

He was my shadow and stayed by my side all the time. His favorite things were going to the mailbox, bouncing along with his special little walk, and playing Frisbee with his girlfriends. Oh, I forgot to mention the boiled chicken and rice and dog treats. He loved those, too.

He died peacefully in my arms after playing Frisbee with the girls. It was the ending we had prayed for for my Little Bud. I have loved Shelties my whole life and know they are all special, but Travis, Bud, you were something else. We miss your beautiful face, your goofy teeth, your dulcet bark, your gentle nudges. Thank you Sheltie Rescue for bringing this special boy into our lives.

- Linda Loftin

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