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2001: The Year in Review

by Mike Tickle, Intake Coordinator

As far as the short history of Triangle Sheltie Rescue goes, 2001 was a banner year. This was our first year of real growth and maturity. I like to think of it as “Year One.” Thanks the hard work of Sherri Mains, we became an official corporation in the state of North Carolina and are now a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit group with the IRS. Those were major steps towards helping the dogs that come through our group.

Our presence at events around the Triangle has gone from a simple folding table to a full-blown “road show” with a tent, several tables and various other display items. We added more merchandise to our line of fundraising products, including bandannas donated by Kelley Van Verdee, Paula Izquierdo and Gloria Litzen and note cards and jewelry handmade by Sherri. Lynda Schaffer also brought her computer and digital camera to an event and printed custom greeting cards with pictures of visitor’s dogs. We started selling leashes and collars from Premier and higher-quality t-shirts and sweatshirts.

In 2000, our group placed 32 dogs. In 2001, we placed 57. This is partially due to the fact that visits to our website have more than quadrupled since this time last year, but it is mostly due to the diligent work of Moreen Jacobsen and Sherri on adoptions.

2001 also saw changes in personnel in the group. We said farewell to Shirley Cornelius, Dianne Hawes and Moreen Jacobsen. Shirley and Dianne were two of the founding members of the group. We were fortunate to have Lynda Schaffer as our volunteer coordinator over the summer. Doris Woodwell joined our group as Secretary/Treasurer earlier in the year, while Kim Oliver joined our group as Vice President in September. And recently, Susan Klakoff has joined up as our new volunteer coordinator.

Last year was the year when Stevie and Snowflake came into our group and changed our lives forever. These two guys have stolen everyone's hearts and are simply a joy to have around. We've now seperated the brothers, and both are doing well. Stevie and Snowflake have reminded us that courage and bravery are traits that make a dog a real friend. We're still looking for the perfect home for these puppies.

As you know, volunteers drive Triangle Sheltie Rescue. Perhaps the most valuable volunteer donation to the group is that of offering to foster a dog that needs a place to stay temporarily. Many people have offered this service in 2001, including: Louise Glogau, Gloria Kelly, Christine Merenda, Sharon Miller, Pamela Smith, Leanne Brown, Veronica Riddle, Lori Krombos, Kim Oliver, Susan Hoye, Sandra Cade, Randy Johns, Candy Franklin, Robert and Eve Zuber, Deborah Thompson, Leslie Evans and Eleanor Taggert. Special recognition for fostering goes to Tom and Amy McGrath and Rhonda and Scott Stanley for fostering four dogs this year, and Susan and Jason Klakoff for fostering five.

Now, a new year is ahead of us. We look forward to every sheltie that comes in to our group, whether it is a stray or an owner surrender. Our water bowls are down, and we are ready for another year of action.

"When there is no one else, there is sheltie rescue"

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