Barking at the Doorbell
Volumes have been written about the social aspects of a dog's life and how dogs function within a pack. Deaf or blind dogs are acutely aware of their surroundings, and often have a sixth sense for what is going on around them, just by catching the vibes of other dogs (or people) around them.

For instance, when the doorbell rings, and your hearing dogs run barking to the door, a deaf dog sees this activity and makes a note of it. The next time the doorbell rings and the whole pack runs at the door, you can count on the deaf dog being right there in the action. Even the blind dogs can get vibes from other dogs that "something" is going on and start to react.

Dogs also learn by "monkey see, monkey do." Double merles have been known to bark at vacuum cleaners ... only because the other dogs do it. Many times, we have seen double merles stare intently at another dog, as if it were memorizing, or even calculating what the other dog is doing. This social behavior can be an invaluable training tool.

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